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All Can Carry is proud to partner 
with the Bass Pro Shop team to 
bring you all of your firearm 
courses needs! 

Bass Pro Shop

"A free people ought not only to be armed and disciplined, but they should have sufficient arms and ammunition to maintain a status of independence from any who might attempt to abuse them, which would include their own government."

~ George Washington

Bass Pro Shop - Grapevine Location

2501 Bass Pro Dr. 

Grapevine, Texas 76051




Tel: (972) 724 - 2018


Step by Step instructions about where to meet for the Bass Pro Shops CHL classes.


*Note: We do the shooting qualification BEFORE the store opens so going to the front of the store and knocking will not work.

Follow the instructions below to know where to go when you arrive.

When you arrive to the store, drive to the right side of the building where all of the boats are parked. Park in the parking lot area closest to these boats.

You should see this sign above the boats.   Walk towards this sign and underneath the porch that is below it.

Look for this door by these hydrants.

This is the door that you will be allowed through.

Note: Upon entering this door the Bass Pro Associate WILL put a lock on all of your firearms before entering the store.

This is their policy and everyone must abide.

They will be removed before you leave the store.

List of Deaf Friendly Ranges

As a Deaf/ hard of hearing person with a NRA certification and/or Texas CHL, you have the right to know what ranges, gun shops, shooting facilities, etc. welcome you and your business.

Please note that All Can Carry has reached out to multiple ranges across the state asking if they would open their ranges/classroom to the Deaf and hard of hearing community and NOT all ranges were welcoming. In fact most ranges were not willing to work with us at all. 

Below is a list of ranges who we have spoken with that are very open minded and willing to work with the Deaf and hard of hearing community. 

Athland Shooting Club (ASC)


Athland Diva Shooting Club (ADSC)

10541 County Road 1122

Athens, Texas 75751


(903) 292 - 0180

(903) 676 - 8669 (text)



*ASC is currently a range that is open and used by Deaf/hard of hearing community members only

*ADSC is a ladies Deaf/hard of hearing shooting group




Bass Pro Shops 

2501 Bass Pro Dr

Grapevine, Texas 76051


(972) 724-2018




Shiloh Shooting Range

12703 Shiloh Church Rd.

Houston, Texas 77066


(281) 444 - 8930




Elm Fork Shooting Range

10751 Luna Road

Dallas, Texas 75220


(972) 556 - 0164



Shoot Smart

10305 North Fwy

Fort Worth, Texas, 76177


(817) 984 - 8020




Eagle Gun Range

491 Valley Ridge Blvd.

Lewisville, Texas 75057


(972) 353 - 4867



If you have had a great experience with a range or shooting facility as a Deaf or hard of hearing individual, tell us about it! 

Inform us of who and where it was so we can contact them and add them to our Deaf friendly range list!

Questions? "Shoot" us a message...

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