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"Deaf students reported higher rates of victimization for every violent crime examined."


            - Barrow. L. M. (2008). Criminal Victimization of the Deaf.

                            National Criminal Justice Reference Service, 210.

                                 Publication Number: ISBN 978-1-59332-272-4 




"Research has shown that women [and men] with disabilities ... experience violence at extremely high rates, and in a different ways from their peers without disabilities. It has also shown that women [and men] with disabilities ... have limited access to vital safety and support services offered by social service organizations and the criminal justice system."


- Violence in Relationship is Never Justified. 

New Hampshire Coalition Against Domestic and Sexual Violence.




Deaf and Hard of Hearing Classes

       It is no secret that people with disabilities are preyed upon by the wolves in our society. In the law enforcement community, criminals or the 'bad guys' are known as "wolves". Police officers and other law enforcement personnel see themselves as "sheepdogs",  and make it their profession and duty to protect us, the "sheep." By obtaining a CHL and learning how to safely and properly handle a firearm, you are gaining the ability to protect yourself. Every time you carry, you take on the serious responsibility of protecting yourself if forcibly required to. 



        All Can Carry seeks to remedy the high victimization rates for  people with disabilities by providing Deaf and hard of hearing individuals their fundamental second amendment right to carry firearms by conducting LTC classes entirely in American Sign Language. The Deaf community and hard of hearing population are the owners’ inspiration for establishing this company. All Can Carry is willing to teach those with the right attitude and willingness how to defend themselves before becoming another disabled persons victim statistic.



        Contact All Can Carry to exercise your right to carry and defend yourself today! YOU, just like every other American, have the RIGHT to protect and defend yourself.





* All Can Carry strictly adheres to the federal laws and penal codes laid out by the         U.S. and state government. All Can Carry will teach and train those whose disability   ALLOWS them to legally carry and hold firearms by law. 






*** These classes will be exclusively for those who are Deaf or hard of hearing and            will be conducted entirely in American Sign Language, voice off.

      You MUST be Deaf or hard of hearing and fluently use and understand American       Sign Language to enroll into these classes.

      Absolutely NO exceptions. 








 ~  All Can Carry proudly partners with local colleges with Interpreter Training                 Programs (ITP's) and, at times, allows interpreting interns to observe classes. 


~   All interns will follow strict adherence to the Code of Professional Conduct                  (CPC).


~  These students are NOT  participants in the class, they are NOT receiving                     certifications or licenses while observing and will NOT be actively asking                     questions or making comments during class lectures or discussions. They are               there to strictly observe, learn new concepts and enhance their vocabulary, etc.  


~  Interpreting interns meet with the instructor at a separate time after the class to         discuss grammatical techniques, placement, vocabulary, etc.

       "Laws that forbid the carrying of arms...disarm only those who are neither inclined nor determined to commit crimes. Such laws only make things worse for the assaulted and better for the assassins; they serve to encourage than to prevent homicides, for an unarmed man may be attacked with greater confidence than an armed man."


~ Thomas Jefferson 

If you have had a great experience with a range or shooting facility as a Deaf or hard of hearing individual, tell us about it! 

Inform us of who and where it was so we can contact them and add them to our Deaf friendly range list!

Athland Shooting Club (ASC)


Athland Diva Shooting Club (ADSC)

10541 County Road 1122

Athens, Texas 75751


(903) 292 - 0180

(903) 676 - 8669 (text)



*ASC is currently a range that is open and used by Deaf/hard of hearing community members only

*ADSC is a ladies Deaf/hard of hearing shooting group




Bass Pro Shops 

2501 Bass Pro Dr

Grapevine, Texas 76051


(972) 724-2018

*Bass Pro Shops are located nation wide.



Shiloh Shooting Range

12703 Shiloh Church Rd.

Houston, Texas 77066


(281) 444 - 8930




Elm Fork Shooting Range

10751 Luna Road

Dallas, Texas 75220


(972) 556 - 0164




Shoot Smart

10305 North Fwy

Fort Worth, Texas, 76177


(817) 984 - 8020




Eagle Gun Range

491 Valley Ridge Blvd.

Lewisville, Texas 75057


(972) 353 - 4867



List of Deaf Friendly Ranges

As a Deaf/ hard of hearing person with a NRA certification and/or Texas CHL, you have the right to know what ranges, gun shops, shooting facilities, etc. welcome you and your business.

Please note that All Can Carry has reached out to multiple ranges across the state asking if they would open their ranges/classroom to the Deaf and hard of hearing community and NOT all ranges were welcoming. In fact some ranges were not willing to work with us at all. 

Below is a list of ranges who we have spoken with that are very open minded and willing to work with the Deaf and hard of hearing community. 

Questions? "Shoot" us a message...

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